Happy New Year

Happy New Year

The Gregorian Calendar has unfurled the year 2019 for our joy and awakening. We pray that it brings you, and all beings everywhere: health, happiness and freedom. Whether you are a new year resolution setter or not, may what you need to meet your Soul and merge with it, manifest. 

The Buddha said that “a human birth is a precious thing”. This awakens in me immense gratitude. Gratitude for this year, for this day, for this moment. It stirs a desire to not waste a moment of time on the fruitless and the unhelpful. The quote instils a sense of fortuitousness about this year and this life. I will endeavour to use it purely and wisely and not abandon this enormous blessing. May our time on this plane bring us into timelessness. 

Whether 2019 looks bleak or brilliant it is helpful to remember that a year is a measure of time, probably the longest measure we commonly use. Time is an interesting concept for the seeker of liberation. The great texts and teachers tell us that time is an idea of the mind and that when we go beyond the limitations of karma, time dissolves, as separation from the One dissolves. However, most of us are still dancing with and in the concept of time, so we might as well make the most of it until it no longer binds us. 

“Use time to go beyond time”.

Ram Dass

The way we think and speak about time will have an effect on how we experience time. Using the phrases: in the nick of time, just in time, I never have any free time, all shape our experience of time and the manner in which we manage it. I have all the time in the world, time is on my side, time stood still, also shape our relationship to time. How do you want to engage with time this year. Easefully and spaciously or high pressured and restricted. Your words and thoughts will impact significantly. 

Everyone has the same amount of time 

There is a story of four miners who where trapped underground. One man was wearing a watch and he decided to tell his workmates that each time 4 hours went by, that only one hour had passed. He was able to change his workmates concept of time. After an extended period of time underground three of the four men survived. The beautiful being who had served his friends was unable to change his relationship to time and he left the body.  

This story clearly shows that the concept of time is malleable and that we benefit from opening our mind to different agreements with time. 

Other ways to become a master manager of time is to do what sets you free and not do what does not. Letting the world set your schedule is a recipe for time poorness. Allowing culture and habit to run your life rarely enhance a sense of freedom and timelessness. Every time we follow what is good and what is right for us, a sense of ease and harmony emerge. This harmony is like a prescription from the Gods, it calms the mind and eases the heart.  

The Yogi is a master Manager of Time. They understand that their incarnation is a precious gift and value it more than the glass beads of the world. In no way are they slaves to time, they manage time wisely and are attuned to time on both subtle and gross planes. They are able to balance the idea of time and the truth of timelessness gracefully. These sages and saints hold the concept lightly in the heart-mind because they see beyond the rational mind’s limitations; they have transcended time.

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